My whole life has revolved around animals, people and children. I was raised
on a small farm in NH and my grandparents raised and showed poodles.  I am a
registered nurse and the mother of 3 children. I have been breeding Papillons
for over 20 years. Our oldest daughter, Erin, wanted a "Yittle" dog since she
first learned to speak. After much research and speaking with my vet we
settled on the Papillon. He told me that it was a very healthy breed with very
few genetic or medical concerns. We started in dog 4-H not long after
acquiring our first 2 paps.  Erin literally had a room full of ribbons and trophies.
Erin is now married and lives a few minutes from here
. She, her husband and 2
young daughters breed Labradoodles.

Papillons are very smart and excel at obedience and agility, a
lthough they are just as happy being lap dogs. Whatever your lifestyle, they h
appily adapt and adjust. They love romping outside or can be just as easily
house trained to use piddle pads for people who live in apartments.  During
the last 2
0 years I have been involved at various times with dog 4-H. I was the
assistant leader for a few years. I have also been a judge at several local dog
fairs. I am a certified dog trainer. I graduated with honors in 2003 from Animal
Behavior College. I did my apprenticeship at Petco in Manchester NH. I have
also trained
at All Dogs Gym and with the Greater Derry Humane Society.

Our 7 Papillons are members of our family. They are not out in a kennel, but
ive in our home and have quite a nice life. Pups are born in a whelping box
next to my bed. The next 2 weeks they are quietly spent with mom, nursing and
growing. Once their eyes open at around 2 weeks the fun and socialization
begins. My youngest daughters are 16 and 18 yrs old and love holding, talking
and playing with the babies as does my 10 year old grandaughter.  Socialization
is such an important part of a nicely rounded even tempered puppy.

I am available for the life time of all my dogs, pups. I have many references.  All
of my breeders are PRA clear, hearts and knees have been certified normal
through the OFA. All puppies and dogs are sold with a health certificate and
medical guarantee. I do not recommend Papillons for people with very young
children, due to their small size. I want to make sure that my babies end up in
safe,wonderful, forever homes. I screen all potential buyers. This is the most
awesome breed and I want to ensure that my babies end up in loving,safe
Londonderry, NH

Kelly @ 603-434-7945
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